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I would like to point out that Sakura’s storyline conveys the best message in the entirety of Naruto

That though you may have been born with nothing going for you other than a little bit of talent, if you work your ass into the ground and cultivate your skills beyond the point everyone expected them to reach and get back up even when you are so tired you can barely stand, then one day

you’ll be able to strike a god

rose tyler + her cute smile

Legend of Korra: Long Live the Earth Queen 3x10 Recap Part 1


I’m realizing now that I won’t be able to finish this up this week, so I decided to post my first half of the recap.



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Out of all our sisters, I hated you least


There’s no meaning to a flower unless it blooms. It might turn out to be… a flower more beautiful than a cosmos

naruto 30 day challenge: favorite female character→ yamanaka ino

The Silence are a rogue faction of a religious order of nudists. And these naked maniacs (wearing holographic clothes) decide to kill the Doctor before he can come to the planet Trenzalore, lest he answer a message from the Time Lords, who are trapped in a pocket universe. (Because if the Doctor answers the message, the Time Lords will know it’s safe to return.)

Luckily, the Silence’s members include a slew of confessors who are the perfect assassins, because nobody can remember seeing them and they have superstrong mind-control powers.

So… sorted, yeah? Send the confessors with the forgetting powers after the Doctor, and he literally won’t see them coming. They shoot him in the head, case closed. Right?


Instead, the Silence hatch a scheme to blow up the Doctor’s TARDIS, accidentally destroying the entire universe in the process. And when that doesn’t work out, the Silence switch to Plan B: they go to Earth in the distant past and dig tunnels all across the planet, and they shape all of human history to their own ends, even creating an entire space program just so they’ll have a cool spacesuit.

Then they set about creating their perfect assassin. When the Doctor breaks a longstanding practice and has a married couple traveling aboard the TARDIS, the Silence somehow get wind of this and find out that the woman, Amy, is pregnant with a child who’s absorbed some TARDIS-y goodness in utero. So they capture Amy and replace her with a “Ganger” duplicate, using technology that won’t exist for hundreds of years. (This duplicate is linked to Amy mentally, even when she’s aboard the TARDIS or visiting the distant past.)

Then they spirit Amy away to a stronghold in the future, and keep her there for nine months until she gives birth. The Doctor rescues Amy, but they manage to steal the newborn baby away. Now they have a baby who has special TARDIS-y powers, and they can train her from infancy to be the perfect assassin on some planet in the distant future. But instead, they take her to 1960s Earth so she can be raised in “the correct environment” — a hellish nightmare orphanage, run by a crazy person. Eventually, she escapes because the Silence give her an Apollo spacesuit to protect her from any harm. (Bear in mind, the Silence have access to technology from the distant future, including the Ganger thing and the ability to travel from Demons Run to Florida in an eye blink. So they don’t really need an Apollo spacesuit.)

Anyway, the girl, Melody Pond, gets away and is missing for decades. The Silence apparently make no attempt to track her down between 1969 and the early 1990s, when she becomes Amy Pond’s childhood best friend. Then Melody does actually succeed in killing the Doctor… but she immediately changes her mind, because her assassin training and indoctrination were kind of rubbish.

The Silence allow Melody, now calling herself River Song, to go get an archeology degree in the 51st century, before they finally track her down and force her to get back in her Apollo spacesuit. At this point, she’s basically their meat puppet, because she no longer wants to go through with killing the Doctor — but they manage to haul her to a lake in Utah in 2012, where her TARDIS-y powers will help them create a “fixed point” in time, an event that can’t be changed. Even then, River refuses to pull the trigger, because why would she? (The not-pulling-a-trigger thing creates a paradox, but that’s probably the Doctor’s own fault, since he invited Future River and River’s parents to watch Past River kill him.)

Again. You have a small army of super-invincible pseudo-Gentlemen, who have both mind-control and super-forgetting powers. The perfect assassins. (Or you could just pay a guy $20 to gun the Doctor down on the street. It worked for those Chinese gangsters in the 1996 TV movie, with an assist by Grace the opera surgeon.)

Oh, also, even though the Silence already have the ability to travel from Demons Run to 1960s Florida, and from far-future Trenzalore to whenever, they still spend a lot of time and energy trying to construct a knock-off TARDIS in their 1960s tunnels and in a London house in 2010, for reasons that are super unclear.

Oh hey, a breakdown of why the Silence were an awesome concept executed absurdly, complete with still-unaddressed plot holes [x]

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Can anyone else not wait until Fall so they can return to dressing in clothes that they actually like?